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Moto g7 hidden menu

27.10.2020 By Faelrajas

In this article, I will show you how to root the Moto G7 smartphone. And with easy step by step instruction guide on how to successfully root. Stay until the end. Root or Rooting a device, simply means that you are now able to take full control of your Android device.

After rooting, the smartphone has the ability to customize beyond limits. So, there are quite a few benefits of rooting the Moto G7. So, let us see what are those benefits.

So above were some of the key benefits of rooting your Android smartphone. But is it all good? Below are some of the cons or disadvantages of rooting the phone. Here are some of the key features and specifications of the newly launched Moto G7 smartphone. Related Article.

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Send to Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address.Are you searching for Motorola secret codes and tricks? Motorola android gadgets contain a bulk of data according to their configuration and equipment which a general user cannot discover easily.

There are many codes that can help you to discover the configurations and equipment of Motorola Android devices. In case of any damage, our site will not take responsibility. There is no doubt that Android is the best OS for smartphones. Your Android device holds a large amount of information about its hardware and system that an average user might find difficult to access.

You can use these Motorola Moto Secret codes to unlock hidden features for the following smartphones. Unfortunately, there is no such Motorola mic test code.

171 Secret Codes, Hidden Menu & Dialer Codes for Android

You have to perform the Motorola mic test manually. Here is how to perform Motorola Moto Mic sound and hardware. This environment is valid for all Motorola phones. The Fanman Show has tried its best to illustrate all possible Motorola diagnostic codes, hardware test codes, touch screen test codes, service menu and Moto engineering mode test codes.

You will just write and dial a Moto secret menu that will appear on the screen which will save a lot of your time. Here, we tried our best to write all the details with each Moto Code that will surely help you to understand these hidden codes. Most of the Motorola Dialer codes are tested and work for all devices. So carefully read Motorola mobile codes list given below and you can use them at your own risk. Some codes may not work for any device but from my side, all codes are working properly.

These codes are taken from different experiences. Well, we have tried our best to curate and describe the best Moto secret codes for you! You can select the best Moto hidden codes for your device. Share your experience with us on how you find these through the comment section below.

moto g7 hidden menu

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The author Imran Chandio. Leave a Response Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Dial and enter in phone information menu, where you can check Battery stats and Wifi, IMEI number, cell info, connection type, Signal strength and can perform Ping test.

Reset Moto phones to factory data reset The code does not remove data or application. Directly Power off Motorola Device If you long press the power button you find the following option asking to select from the following: Airplane Mode Silent Mode Power off.Once you know what kind of information you are looking to access, you can simply type that code in the Android phone dialer to retrieve the information.

If you want to find out more about your phone or want to diagnose a problem you will need these codes to access that information. Manufacturers frequently use these codes in their service centres but some of the codes are freely available today. If you are aspiring to be an app developer you will also need to know the codes for quick checks and troubleshooting. To give you an idea of what components could be diagnosed with the help of the codes we have listed some of them below:.

Like everything there are pros and cons of using these codes.

moto g7 hidden menu

Please ensure you are aware of them before you use any of the codes so you are well informed. IMEI number is also asked while buying and selling mobile phones or unlocking your phone online. Note : The IMEI number is hidden in the above image as is should always be protected for security reasons. The codes are designed to be used in certain scenarios and only manufacturer specific codes are to be used with their own brand. Mixing the codes with manufacturers and brands can alter the configuration of the phone and cease working.

Using the codes without the knowledge or a purpose might cause harm to your phone as well. Sometime manufacturers will alter the codes based on different model types so depending on the model you have not all code will work with your phone. There are lots of manufacturers and plenty of devices which makes it hard to keep track of all the codes. We have made an attempt to list the most frequently used codes. Not all codes will work for your phone but if you do find any new codes please let us know and we will list them.

Disclaimer: The code typed incorrectly or without knowing the purpose could damage the phone. Please use the code at your own risk as UnlockPhone. Home Unlock with DoctorSim Blog. Share Pin Mobile Phone Dialer to type the secret code. Previous Article Unlocking your phone is now free in the UK. About Author UnlockPhone. June 27, 0. June 3, 0. March 14, 0. Factory Restore. Camera Information. Reset phone factory data reset It will not remove data or application.

Format device to factory reset will delete everything on phone.I am unable to get sprint to function properly on my Moto G7 Power. Have tried 2 sim cards now that Sprint says is compatible, both have the same results.

It usually comes back seconds later and maintains 3G connection for awhile, then randomly 4G comes back and kills it all. Any solutions greatly appreciated, thanks. Go to Solution. New phone fixed the problem.

After significant research it seems to be related to Firmware problems. Rolling back to old firmware seems to fix it for some people Not recommended. This problem seems to be somewhat common with the G7 lineup especially the Power. I used the exact same sim-card so I know it is not a sim issue.

It is definitely related to the firmware or hardware itself. As of April 12, the only solutions are to either wait for a firmware update, or replace the phone. View solution in original post. Not really no, I am not sure what else to try since it seems to be software associated with the sim causing the issue.

I have tried dialing numbers to "re provision" the phone but that doesnt even work the phone automatically does it after a forced reset from sprint side. Would like to give you good news, but if it's blank you don't have many options besides waiting out the bug or swapping the phone and hoping the new one isn't affected.

It's not a hardware issue, it's a software bug that's affecting a small number of phones. I don't know how true it is because it came from a member not someone working with motorola. However he was correct though, those 2 boxes were blank showing no information. If they are not supposed to be then this seems to possibly be the issue. Yes I will try exchanging. Hopefully they will do it since it is not necessarily hardware related.

I will post results when I return. Hi Talulla! Were the boxes blank? There is no software option in the about phone. Nothing comes up at all in settings when i search the word software.That You Must Check Out.

This stores all your credentials like usernames and passwords to auto-fill login details for all apps.

moto g7 hidden menu

Google already offers auto-fill feature if you have Android Oreo. You can use Google Auto-fill and skip Moto Key. This replaces that on-screen navigation bar with a series of pokes and swipes, using that scanner. Motorola has included a handy tutorial to guide you through the different gestures.

Head to the display settings and you can toggle between the standard mode and vibrant mode — the latter is activated by default and makes your images a bit more vivid, so those colors really pop. This can be scheduled to automatically produce warmer visuals between dusk and dawn, which is more comfortable on your peepers when the light is low. The normal way to take a screenshot is to press the volume down button and the power button at the same time.

Once you enable Quick screenshot, you can just touch the screen with three fingers to take a screenshot. For one-handed use which might be useful on the Moto G6 Plus given its sizeyou can shrink the screen.

After you toggle the feature on, simply swiping down to the left or right will shrink the screen to its respective corner allowing you to easily access different apps. Moto Actions also provides you with a variety of different features to make using your phone easier all with simple gestures. First up, you can open the camera at any time — even when the phone is hibernating — by quickly twisting your wrist twice. Handy if you want to take an impromptu shot. And if you want to manually tweak how your photo looks before you take it, you can dive into the manual settings by tapping the icon at the top left corner.

This opens up a fulls set of controls for you to play around with. The Moto G6 camera also includes object recognition. Baked into Android 8. Simply open an app and then press and hold either the recent apps or the multitasking button. The app that was already open will then only take up half the screen and the other app will be placed at the bottom of the screen. To exit split-screen mode, tap and hold the recent apps button again or drag the resize bar up or down.

Starting with Android Oreo we get this new feature, Picture in Picture mode.

Best Moto G7 Tips and Tricks or Hidden Features

With the Moto G6 series, you can use Face Unlock to unlock your phone by looking at it. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box. Android Result.

Recommended for you. Moto G7 Plus specifications, availability and Price. How to root Galaxy M20 Full Guide.Here you can get all Motorola Secret Codes and hidden menu. These codes will help you to know device information, test software, test hardware and reset your device, etc.

Secret Codes are codes that can access hidden or secret menu such as display information, testing hardware, and software, etc. These codes help you to speed up the process. Check out this guide about Android Secret Codes.

Motorola Moto G7 Top Tricks / Best Tips

This universal code works on any phone. If your phone has 2 sims, you will see 2 IMEI numbers on the screen. This code will display information like battery info and Wi-Fi information etc of your Motorola phone.

You can test your Motorola phone software features with this code. Tests include version info, keypad and vibratory, LCD, touch panel, main camera, and front camera, and light test, etc. Check out more details about Android Secret Menu. You can get your Motorola phone software information with these codes.

Before dial, read the description carefully to prevent any failures. These codes will help you test your Motorola phone hardware. These codes help you reset or wipe all data on your phone. Make sure to back up all data before dialing these codes. This code shows all google play related information like device id, last ping, connections limit, network type, and network id, etc.

Secret codes are codes that can access hidden or secret menu such as display information, and testing hardware, etc.

Open dial pad on your Motorola phone. Because latest Android updates prevent you to access some settings via codes. It will be near the bottom of the page.

Open the System UI Tuner.I was wondering if Moto Z Play has a hidden menu or engineering mode. My previous phone had MediaTek Helio and these phones usualy have very useful secret code where you can tweak lots of setting.

Like slider steps sound, brightnessetc. I only found test menus on Moto. The problem is that phone is a little bright for me at night and I would like to have first step of brightness slider a little lower. I'm aware of "screen filter" apps but I'd prefer to do it this way. You can make your phone inoperable with those hidden menus.

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